22 Artists to Collect in 2022

There’s nothing better than finding an artist whose work resonates with you. At Saatchi Art, it’s our mission to help you discover and buy work from the best emerging artists around the world. To provide you with some inspiration for the year ahead, our team of expert curators have compiled this list of 22 up-and-coming artists you should consider collecting.

Adam Lawrence

“In an explosion of saturated colors and recognizable iconography, Adam deconstructs the meaning of pop culture symbols to establish an entirely new form of storytelling.”

– Erin Remington, Assistant Curator

Catastrophic Pop #1

Violet Polsangi

 “Fascinated by the intersection of architecture and nature, Violet’s work effortlessly blends abstraction and realism to build an interactive space full of color harmonies and geometric lines.”

– Aurora Garrison, Associate Curator

Night & Day

Yohanan Delaunay-Israel

“Yohanan‘s art practice is a constant experiment, as the artist continually develops and tests different combinations of colors and shapes in his abstract compositions.”

– Megan Wright, Senior Curator

Song Without Words 1/ 32 ניגון (Nigoun)

Sam Wilde

“A fashion and homeware designer, Sam expands the limits of paint, ceramics, and fabrics to imbue objects with richly detailed narrative scenes and landscapes.”

– Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator & VP


Flowers of Time · Green Silk Scarf

YiSeon Jo

“To create his richly textured and sculptural collages, YiSeon meticulously layers papers in alternating forms and colors.”

– Monty Preston, Manager, Art Advisory and Curation

For Those Who Go Far

Simone Geraci

“Rendered in soft colors and delicate lines, Simone’s prints beautifully capture feminine gestures, while skillfully depicting his subjects’ faces through an interplay of light and shadow.”

– Aurora Garrison, Associate Curator

Oltre – Limited Edition of 5

Susan Smereka

“To keep a visual record of her life during the pandemic, Susan’s most recent body of work uses layers of materials and color blocking to create highly tactile collages over old topographical maps.”

– Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator & VP

Green Mountains

Charlotte Evans

“With whimsical figures set against gentle color palettes, Charlotte’s dreamlike landscapes lead viewers into a space of tranquility and wanderlust.”

– Aurora Garrison, Associate Curator

Kith and Kin


Sofia Chitikov

“Fascinated by the inner workings of the human mind, principles of quantum physics, and spirituality, Sofia experiments and transforms different materials and forms in her vibrant wall sculptures. ”

– Monty Preston, Manager, Art Advisory and Curation

Electric Venus

Samuel Fleming Lewis

“Largely composed of found imagery and text from books, magazines, and printed media, Samuel’s energetic collages are a celebration of his love of African art and pop culture.”

– Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator & VP

Neon Dream

Barbara Kuebel

“Bold color palettes and abstract bodies are a hallmark of Barbara’s work—liberating viewers from traditional representations of the human form to embrace strange yet legible figures.”

– Erin Remington, Assistant Curator

There Is More Than One I In A Creature

Genevieve Leavold

Inspired by Eastern philosophies of play and mindfulness, Genevieve works alla prima to make fluid and spontaneous abstracts, notable for their striking colors and dynamic gestures.

– Monty Preston, Manager, Art Advisory and Curation

Danse Macabre


Alanna Hernandez

“Using colored pencils and acrylic paint, Alanna seeks to express the complexity of human emotions through gradients of color and soft textures in her soothing abstract drawings.”

– Megan Wright, Senior Curator

Holding It All Together

David Disko

“Capturing the American Southwest landscape through a surrealist lens, David uses a gold, matte background to emphasize a hidden tension between humans and the natural environment.

– Erin Remington, Assistant Curator

Faster As The Crow Flies

Carlos Gamez De Francisco

“Carlos’s portrait painting and photography spark a collision between classical and contemporary figures, challenging the history of  representation of the female form in art history.”

– Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator & VP

Oh Dear III

Lucy Li

“An interdisciplinary artist, Lucy delicately manipulates acrylic paint and colored pencil to create serene compositions inspired by the “spaces in-between” or unseen in nature.”

– Megan Wright, Senior Curator

Stone to Sand No. 2

The Spaces in Between

Aby Mackie

“Through the salvation, destruction, and juxtaposition of textiles and fabrics sourced from her local surroundings, Aby recontextualizes the meaning and value of discarded and recycled materials in her sculptures.”

– Monty Preston, Manager, Art Advisory and Curation

Half Way There 2

Kazuhiro Higashi

“Drawing on Pop art influences, Japanese artist Kazuhiro uses flat planes, overlapping shapes, and bright colors to create highly electric and abstract compositions.”

– Erin Remington, Assistant Curator

Dinner Time

Tafy LaPlanche

 “Afro-Latina artist Tafy sets her portraits of women against boldly colored backgrounds, adding depictions of fruit to give each figure their own distinctive narrative.

– Megan Wright, Senior Curator

Ricardo Harris-Fuentes

“Blending classical subjects with modern compositions and fluorescent colors, Ricardo’s paintings transport the viewer into a deeply meditative and sensory world.”

– Monty Preston, Manager, Art Advisory and Curation

Superposition II

Alice Yang

“In an effort to harmoniously blend Eastern and Western philosophies in her creative practice, Alice combines natural elements, figures, and abstract forms in her recent “I” series.”

– Erin Remington, Assistant Curator


Kim Marra

“Kim’s dynamic compositions display a unique interplay of form, color, and line that generates a space that sits between abstraction and reality.”

– Aurora Garrison, Associate Curator