24 Artists to Collect in 2024

Discover Your New Favorite Artist 

Artist N.A. Vague’s Studio
From left to right: Marlene Lowden, Chisato Yamada, Hunter Pearson

Be the first to collect work by these 24 artists who are on the rise in 2024. 

At Saatchi Art, it’s our mission to help you discover and buy work from the best emerging artists around the world. This year, our curators have identified 24 up-and-coming artists you should consider collecting.


Trequada 2023 $6,650
What About Me $2,010

“Chilean photographer Alejandra captures images from the sky to create a visual perspective that decontextualizes and resignifies the elements on the earth’s surface.”

— Erin Remington, Director of Sales & Curation

Court No. 1

East of October $3,710
Beyond the Sea $1,130

Twilight Dance

Real Me Ad No. 3

“Utilizing common subjects and imagery in pop culture, N.A. Vague’s photography subtly captures witty, performative moments.”

— Siting Wang, Assistant Curator
Women in Bengal: Swadeshi Movement $660

“Hong Kong-based artist Kanny creates captivating cloudscapes that encompass not only the canvas but bleed into their round frames, reminiscent of the view from an airplane window.”

— Audrey Wolfe, Assistant Curator

Phoenix $990
Price Tag Does Not Reflect Actual Price $880
The Oracles Say That It Was The Wind $3,270

The Garden

“Inspired by the idea that everything is connected, artist Justin Kim depicts the streets of LA from a bird’s-eye view in his vibrant, almost three-dimensional paintings.”

— India Balyejusa, Art Advisory and Curation Supervisor

From Phantom Home No. 25 $3,000
Meadows Above Plwmp $3,800
Ocean Dreaming No. 1 $2,060

“In her multi-media works, Ina weaves geometric shapes into abstract landscapes, revealing the dynamism of light and space through her constant photographic perspective on nature.”

— Siting Wang, Assistant Curator


A Space of Disclosure $1,725
7/2023 Seasonal $2,250
Man with Geometrics $3,210

Sisterhood No. 4

“Turkish painter Selin’s black and white portraits of women contrast with boldly colored backgrounds, emphasizing the delicate nature of her subjects.”

— Megan Wright, Senior Curator