How to Collect Digital Art

How to Collect Digital Art

The Next Generation of Art

What is
Digital Art?

Digital Art refers to any creative practice that uses digital technology as an essential aspect of its making and/or presentation. Since our founding, Saatchi Art has committed itself to displaying digital artists’ works alongside those by traditional artists. In 2023, expect digital art to be a primary focus for collectors of emerging art worldwide.

Don’t Go There
Michael Rich

A Guide to Buying Digital Art

Many collectors need help knowing where to begin when considering digital art. Where can I buy it? What am I buying? Who are the artists worth collecting? And why is it worth buying? At Saatchi Art, we believe you should invest in works that feel valuable to you. The best way to approach collecting digital art is to start with the basics. We want collecting art to be simple, so here are our helpful tips to guide you along the way.

1.  Buy What You Love

Collect digital art that resonates with you. Remember, art is subjective. Consider how the artwork makes you feel. Does it make you see the world a little differently? If the answer is yes, you may have found the perfect piece.

2.  Set a Budget 

Many first-time collectors assume that valuable, high-quality art is unaffordable and difficult to access. Find emerging artists you love, and that sell work within your budget, to support and collect.

I.N.H.G.T. 01
Sephora Venites

3.  Consider Your Lifestyle

There are many ways to enjoy digital art—from physical prints to digital displays and beyond. Do you want to be able to display the work physically? If so, do you have a space in mind in which to show it off? Consider your space and how you prefer to enjoy the work once you purchase it to determine where to start your collecting journey. 

4. Browse, Favorite, and Filter 

Browse curated collections put together by our expert curators. You can favorite works you like so you can take time to consider them for purchase. Take advantage of our many browse filters to search by budget, style, and more. 

Discover Curated Collections

Take a peek at some of the best emerging digital art at Saatchi Art

The computer becomes the instrument for creating as digital artists turn to code to produce one-of-a-kind, algorithm-generated artworks. Embrace this pioneering art form with this expertly curated collection.

Representing the distortion or static created during technological error and malfunction, contemporary artists are responding to the apprehensions of an increasingly digital society through glitch art. Explore digital artworks inspired by data bending.

For centuries artists have communicated their dreams for the future through art. Glimpse into civilization’s trajectory with scenes of online worlds and utopian societies.

Meet the Artists

Check out a selection of rising artists who are making waves in the digital art world

Scott Gieske is a digital artist and designer based in the United States. Scott loves the interplay of texture, shapes, and colors out in the world, and seeks to create art that is “beautiful, unique, and thought-provoking.”

Before beginning a career in art, Gerdi Moeller-Jansen had professional success in business and technology. About a decade ago, she decided to dedicate her life to art. To her, making art is “not about creating, it is about finding.”

Donald Okudu is a Nigerian-based illustrator and designer. He draws inspiration from a wide range of subjects, such as religion, architecture, anime, and other forms of popular culture.

Michael Vincent Manalo, an AI-generative artist and digital photographer, was born in Manila, Philippines. Some themes he explores in his work are memory, emotions, and human psychology.

Future of Digital Art Podcast

Catch up on the first season of the Future of Digital Art podcast, hosted by Saatchi Art curator Capucine Jenkins

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12 Years of Emerging Art

12 Years of the Best Emerging Art

Saatchi Art Celebrates ITS ANNIVERSARY

Since 2010, Saatchi Art has been the best place to discover and buy art by top emerging artists from around the world. In the last 12 years, we have transformed the lives of over 100,000 artists in more than 140 countries by selling their works to art lovers around the world. 

We hope you will continue to join us in transforming the lives of thousands of talented artists around the world.

Best of Saatchi Art: Collector Favorites

Into The Rizosphere
Jonas Fisch

Since our founding, some artists have stood out to Saatchi Art collectors for their distinctive style and technique. Meet some of our best-selling painters, photographers, sculptors, and more.

Power Flowers
Hennie van de Lande

Dreamsicle by Angela Gebhardt
Kris Gebhardt

California Sun
Trevisan Carlo

In 2022, 18,700 artworks sold and shipped to 80 countries.

Nature Energy XXXL 1
Peter Nottrott

Best of 2022

Mirror Reflections #129
Dana and Stephane Maitec

A year of arresting visuals and creative innovation, 2022 has seen no shortage of impressive art. From boundary-pushing painting to experimental new media, discover this year’s most sought-after artists and exciting new presentations of art.

Artworks Sold


Best of
Rising Stars

This is a Call 2
Rocio Navarro

Every year, our curators publish a list of recent art school graduates shaping the future of contemporary art. Explore the Rising Stars who have shone brightest over the years.

Contemplation Shelter
Melissa Loop

Assisted 200 recent art school graduates start their art career.

Disco Bay, Ilulissat, Greenland
Zaria Forman



Best of
The Other Art Fair

Gibb’s Bay Breeze
Alec Cumming

Held across eight international cities, The Other Art Fair provides a unique chance to bring together local talent, working in vast and varied mediums, with a community of art lovers. Thousands of up-and-coming artists have participated over the years—explore our curators’ favorites from years past.

Nobel Marie In Zinc
Chloe McCarrick

Since 2017, over 6,000 independent artists have exhibited throughout 55 international fairs.

Evening Commute
Tarli Bird


$ 0

Vincent 2486
Lee Ellis

2,500 non-generative art avatars hand-created by over 150 artists from 35+ countries.

Vincent Lapin No. 1 (Vincent #1357)
Mr Clement

Best of
The Other Avatars

Van Gogh with Sunflower
Mandy Racine

The Other Avatars, Saatchi Art’s genesis NFT collection, pushed the bounds of artistic expression by blending digital art with tried-and-true techniques and mediums. Discover the physical artworks made during the NFT creation process that demonstrate an impressive twist on classic artforms.



Best of Hospitality Art Advisory

The Infinite Wave
Kenny Nguyen

Working alongside some of the best interior design and architecture firms, our Hospitality Art Advisory team brings emerging art to world-renowned hotels, restaurants, and commercial spaces. Browse this collection of paintings, sculptures, collages, and more by contemporary artists featured in our curators’ favorite projects from this past year.

Vova Pydlyak

700 and counting international hospitality and commercial projects completed since 2017.

David McGlothlin


Gina Cochran

Contemporary Abstracts

Artists often use nonrepresentational mark-making and gestural strokes to speak to the intangible. The freedom and ability to manifest new meaning to each viewer makes abstracts some of the most highly coveted works on Saatchi Art. Explore curator-approved abstractions.

Autumn – Cache Creek
Douglas Nicolle

Whimsical Landscapes

Whether Impressionist or abstract, landscapes express the beauty of the world around us and provide a welcome escape for the viewer. Browse fun and playful landscape paintings, photographs, and mixed-media works that will breathe new life into any space.

Portrait in Blue
William Arvin

Timeless Portrait Paintings

The genre of portraiture is one of time-honored tradition. Used as a tool of self-exploration, to depict beauty, or to define social status, there are countless ways artists have explored the medium through the ages. Explore this specially curated collection of enduring portrait artworks.

Morning Light
Brendan Louw

Nude Photography

Nude photography became a go-to genre as soon as the medium took hold, in line with a centuries-old fascination with the naked human form. Whether rule-breaking or classical, nudity in art celebrates aesthetics and vulnerability. Browse fine art prints of this timeless genre.