Dream Gifts 2018


Dream Gifts

2018 Collection

Our curators worked with top Saatchi Art artists to imagine three one-of-kind experiences for art collectors and jetsetters alike. We guarantee they’ll keep you dreaming through 2019.

Be a Muse for a Day in London

Famous for her stylized portraits of women adorned in the finest couture, Miss Aniela will host a private photo session for you in her UK studio. The fine art photographer will capture you in an elaborate scene that you dream up together, then deliver a one-of-a kind 30 x 40 inch photograph just a month later. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience—and you’ll have the picture to remember it forever.


Team Up with a Daredevil Photographer in Malibu

Best known for his large-scale aerial images, fine art photographer Jin-Woo Prensena will take you and a guest on a private helicopter tour along the Malibu coast. During the 120-minute flight—piloted by Aaron Fitzgerald, owner of Airborne Images and a member of the Red Bull Air Race Team—you will find the perfect view for Prensena to capture. Afterwards, you will choose a limited edition photograph for Prensena to print, sign, and frame—providing you with an unforgettable memory of this unique experience.


Make Your Garden Monumental

This captivating sculpture will immediately transform any property. Berlin-based artist Thomas Otto created the majestic work for the Metallic Giants outdoor exhibition at Castle Clemenswerth in Germany. Its geometric form will reveal itself in shifting lights and seasons, and make a modern and memorable addition to any garden setting.


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Best Works of 2018

Saatchi Art Teams Up with MINI USA to Promote Literacy in Chicago

Saatchi Art Teams up with MINI USA to Promote Literacy in Chicago

MINI USA and Little Black Pearl Art & Design Academy have teamed up with Saatchi Art to promote literacy in Chicago by launching The Library Project. This important initiative will provide access to books through mobile libraries (painted by professional and student artists) which will be placed in local parks.

Eleven Saatchi Art artists from across the world were selected by Saatchi Art’s Chief Curator, Rebecca Wilson, to help raise awareness for the initiative by creating special editions of the book boxes. These are available for purchase on Saatchi Art to raise funds for Little Black Pearl Art & Design Academy. Participating artists include Ruben Aguirre, Sarah Edwards, Jonas Fisch, Barry Johnson, William LaChance, Liz Mares, Dennis Osadebe, Paul Richard, Eric Stefanski, Raul de la Torre and Bryan Valenzuela.

To learn more about the project and the selected artists, visit miniusa.com/chicagoland


“We are honored to be working with MINI and Little Black Pearl to help encourage literacy among young people who may not have easy access to books.”

– Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator, Saatchi Art

”In urban Chicago, there is 1 book for every 300 children.”

Little Black Pearl counters the challenges urban youth face by providing a safe environment, access to positive role models, rigorous programming, skills development activities and 
social growth opportunities.

“By providing access to creativity and art, MINI USA is helping to make urban life better by enabling local students to think big and dream bigger through storytelling.”

-Terri Evan, Metro Marketing Manager for MINI USA

Liz Mares, Saatchi Art Artist

By pairing the new augmented reality feature with one-on-one access to a world-class Art Advisory team, Saatchi Art makes art buying a painless experience.

About the Collection

Featuring artworks by Saatchi Art artists on the outside and Little Black Pearl student art on the inside, 100% of sales proceeds from the purchase of these one-of-a-kind book boxes will benefit Little Black Pearl Art & Design Academy.

Works from this Collection

Sculpture, 48 H x 12 W x 12 in

Sculpture, 48 H x 12 W x 12 in

Sculpture, 48 H x 12 W x 12 in

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Saatchi Art’s Jin-Woo Prensena Featured on National Geographic Traveler

Saatchi Art’s Jin-Woo Prensena Featured on the Cover of National Geographic Traveler

The gorgeous island of Capri as captured by Saatchi Art photographer Jin-Woo Prensena is featured on the cover of the August/September issue of National Geographic Traveler. Featured in numerous publications such as the Wall Street Journal and Culture Trip, Jin-Woo has been called “a dare-devil photographer with nerves of steel” by CNN Travel. While traveling the globe for the perfect shot, Jin-Woo enlists the best local guides who often share their own secret spots that are unknown to tourists normally. Jin-Woo captures not only the most picturesque locations but can transport any viewer to the most remote locations around the world.


“There is something exciting and special about shooting live up in the air with the elements and I think it reflects in my work. There is a real connection between me and my image.”
- Jin-Woo Prensena

Jin-Woo shooting over Los Angeles (Photo Courtesy of Artist)

In order to get the perfect shot, Jin-Woo has dived with great white sharks, leaned out of helicopters flying 7,500 feet above downtown Los Angeles, and traveled to remote locations in Iceland.

Jin-Woo considers himself a quiet person and choose to express himself through his photography. He says, “I find it’s when I can me my true self”.

Photo Courtesy of Artist

Jin-Woo considers himself a quiet person and choose to express himself through his photography. He says, “I find it’s when I can me my true self”.

About the Collection

See the world through a new vantage point. Travel to new heights above the coast of Italy or soar over the chaos of downtown Los Angeles. Browse travel photography by Jin-Woo Prensena.

Works from this Artist

Photography, 22.5 H x 40 W x .1 in


Photography, 40 H x 71 W x .1 in


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