Find Joy at Home this Holiday Season

Whether you’re reuniting with family or celebrating apart, infuse your home with warmth and one-of-a-kind artwork with a story to tell. Saatchi Art has partnered with Arhaus to envision a holiday style that feels both joyful and welcoming. Find inspiration in this new collection of original works by our top-selling artists. Each one is sure to help you rediscover the magic of the holidays.

Floral Arrangement N.9
Nadia Jaber
Fig. 8-20
Paolo Damiani
Ron Halfant
Bold No. 4
Ayse Sirin Budak

stefanie kirby

Canadian painter Stefanie Kirby captures the spirited but fleeting life cycles of flowers through expressive mark making and distinctive, ebullient compositions. Stefanie has exhibited her work widely across the US and Canada, including at The Other Art Fair, Los Angeles.
Yellow Mellow, $1,800

Noa Dining Bench and Mixed Eucalyptus Garland available at

Martta Garcia

Martta Garcia explores identity, power, and patterns in paintings that depict people crossing paths in the chaos and structure of everyday life. Her works are held in collections across North America and Europe.
Sin Argumentos, $2,410

Kipton Sofa, Rio Chair and Factory Cabinet available at

chantal barlow

The fluid brushstrokes of Chantal Barlow’s tactile paintings are reminiscent of aerial views of the Earth’s topography and celestial images of the universe. Chantal’s work has been featured in Vanity Fair Italy, British Vogue, The Guardian, and Huffington Post.
On the Other Side, $3,310

Luca Buffet available at

Anenomes, Evening
Sarah Morton
Louise Howard
Hard to Resist
Jelena Antic
Untitled #5743
Tim Fawcett

carolina alotus

Carolina Alotus juxtaposes chaos and calm in her energetic paintings. Working intuitively with a variety of mediums, Carolina lets her colors and brushstrokes lead the way, resulting in sweeping compositions with lives of their own. Born in Sweden, Carolina now lives and works in Cyprus. Her work has been exhibited in the US and Europe, and is held in private collections across the US, Europe, East Asia, and the Middle East.
Autumn’s Scent, $1,910

Branson Sofa, Derry Chair and Malone Collection available at

Red-Violet on Green I, Abstract N.2371
Koen Lybaert
Time Lapse. Christopher Street…
Xan Padron
Abstract No.Au2053
Tomas Hammar

Sherry Xiaohong Chen

Toeing the line between representation and abstraction, Sherry conveys movement and emotion with minimal forms and adept brushstrokes. Sherry has exhibited her work internationally, with shows in London; Yokohama, Japan; and Beijing.
Sunday Polo, $2,370

Kenley Leather Chair available at

Maggie Macdonald

Maggie MacDonald’s paintings expertly express the atmospheric colors and textures of the California coast. Maggie often experiments with different mediums such as ceramics and printmaking, and incorporates newfound techniques into her practice. Maggie has exhibited her work at The Other Art Fair in Dallas, Chicago, and Brooklyn.
For all the Words I Cannot Write, $4,634

Chorus Theory Console and Pre-Lit Trees available at

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