Artful Meditation

Guest Curator Joshua Smith

Artwork by Steve Gallagher
“In this noisy world we live in today, it is essential to our well-being to calm, quiet, and still the mind.”
Interior designer Joshua Smith believes our homes should be a sanctuary—a place to escape, unwind, and live blissfully—and creating a dedicated space for meditation is an integral part of his work.

When designing a meditation space, Joshua always recommends his clients include a primary work of art that speaks to them.
“I find that, like myself, so many of us are deeply moved by Mother Nature, so this collection is an ode to my favorite muse.”
Whether it be guided, sitting in stillness, watching the flame of a candle, or contemplating on a piece of art, there are many ways to practice meditation. The beauty of incorporating a piece of art into your practice, is that by focusing on it, you’re brought into present moment.

And just as one’s meditation practice is unique to them, this collection includes a juxtaposition of both soft and moody tones, mirroring the light and shadow aspects of nature.

Each piece within the collection draws on elements of nature, some in more abstract ways than others. Paying careful consideration to color, Joshua includes greens, blues, and muted tones to evoke a sense of calm in the body and soothe the soul.