Second Acts

Guest Curator Kate Arends

Photography by Suruchi Avasthi
“Art has always been an essential part of my life, both personally and professionally.”
Kate Arends Peters, the passionate influencer and entrepreneur behind the successful lifestyle platform Wit & Delight, started her journey in 2009, as a place to share and build a community.

Dedicated to design, food, fashion, and travel, Wit & Delight has become a lifeline for many, transforming Kate’s personal project into a source of inspiration and solace for those navigating their life journey.
Photo by Suruchi Avasthi
Visiting the galleries of the Chicago Institute of Art as a teen had an important influence on her future degree in graphic design. For Kate, interior design offered a forum to look at artwork as a tool to create an experience, process life through different mediums, and allow for an escape.

Her work explores the relationship between our mental well-being and our environment, expressing individuality within the home, making room for creativity in everyday life, and the connections between art, design, and wellness.
In her unique curation, Kate’s selection of works featuring Saatchi Art artists examines life’s second acts. The artwork selected explores themes of independence, opportunity, personal growth, womanhood, and finding a connection to oneself, one another, and the planet. Kate hopes the viewer will feel empowered, alive, and hopeful through this special collection.
Photo by Suruchi Avasthi
As for what Kate’s second act looks like, she is still figuring it out but thinks it happens the moment we let go of the ledge of our past career and our past self and embark on an outcome that has a broader aperture of success, one that aligns closely with our values. She encourages everyone to find purpose and meaning in embracing their true selves in their own second act.
“We’re so obsessed with the “wunderkind” and “30 under 30” lists, yet many women I speak with say that life begins at 40. I think we need to hear from people pushing boundaries and creating things outside of this tight window of time where we often lack self-awareness and experience. I’ve always identified as a late bloomer and really believe the best is yet to come.”