Saatchi Art Collectors Take us Inside their Homes

Meet Ariya Watty

An Art Enthusiast Whose Adventures Inspire Her Walls

For Ariya Watty, art is more than just a decorative element in her home: it tells the story of her life. “For me, art is like a record of all my personal history. All the places I’ve been to, all the people I’ve met,” she says. In fact, much of the art that Ariya has purchased from Saatchi Art is inspired by her travels around the globe—from South America to Asia. As she describes it, “The approach is, ‘What work is going to create that feeling in me that I had when in that place?’” Channeling these memories through artwork has had a “grounding effect” on the executive assistant, who is constantly on-the-go. “When I look at something that I’ve purchased, it brings me back to that place and that time…which I really like.”

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Art that Evokes Emotion and Conversation

When purchasing a new work of art, Ariya also considers the feeling she wants to evoke in her personal space. Afterall, it’s something that she and her partner are going to look at every single day. “Most of the time, the feeling that I’m trying to get to every day is one of joyfulness. I think art for me creates something that can make me smile, but also something that can bring peace.” In her bedroom, for example, she prefers more subtle and contemplative works that will bring a calm to the first moments of each day as well as to her nighttime routine. In the rest of her home, however, anything goes—she feels freer to embrace a more funky and surprising vibe.

“Decide what speaks to you and what connects to you, and then trust yourself. Wherever you move, whatever different type of place you live in, the art will always find a home.”

Saatchi Art has been a primary resource for Ariya’s art collecting, especially because it offers access to thousands of emerging artists from around the globe. “I like the hunt of looking for different styles, types of art, and artists. It’s sort of like when you go down the rabbit hole on Instagram, it’s like going down the rabbit hole on Saatchi Art—discovering different artists, and different types of art that you wouldn’t have necessarily sought out.”

Advice for the First-Time Collector

Her best advice for the first time collector? Trust yourself! “Decide what speaks to you and what connects to you, and then also trust yourself. That feeling of ‘I like this’ is so intrinsic—everyone knows it.” And if she falls in love with a work but doesn’t have the wall space—no worries. “Wherever you move, whatever different type of place you live in, the art will always find a home.”

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Art Inspired by Ariya’s Collection

Like what you see? Our expert curators suggest works inspired by the art displayed in Ariya’s home.

Ariya Watty lives in Los Angeles and works in the entertainment industry. You can follow her on Instagram here.