Saatchi Art Collectors Take us Inside their Homes

Evan Asano

An Entrepreneur Puts the Finishing Touches on His New Home

One of the qualities that makes entrepreneur Evan Asano so successful is that he  knows when to seek out an expert’s opinion. This is precisely the tack he took when looking to purchase original art for his newly renovated home in Southern California. While the founder and CEO of Mediakix, a leading influencer marketing agency, worked closely with Andrea Shapiro on the eye-catching interior design concept, he knew that an art advisor would be best positioned to help him find art he loved for his new abode. Enter Saatchi Art’s complimentary art advisory services. 

“I think that really helped me, someone who’s totally new to art, and doesn’t know genres or if they like a particular style,” he explains. “I could start expressing opinions like, ‘Yeah, I love this style,’ ‘I hate this type of style,’ and ‘I want to see more of these.’”

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Art Makes a House your Home

One thing Evan was certain of was that he wanted art that not only was a testament to his love of the beach, but that also made a powerful statement. “I look for stuff that really appeals to me, and draws my attention.” For Evan, art is something he collects in order to breath life into his house. “I think art really brightens the space…it brings out colors and subtleties, and will catch your eye every once in awhile as you’re going through your day.” But perhaps more importantly, art contributes a unique depth and sense of narrative to his home. “It’s never something I ignore, it’s never something I take for granted, it’s never something I just skip over,” he explains. “I think the right pieces placed around the house just really bring a lot of character and emotion to the space.”

“If you are new to buying art, work with an Art Advisor…It just made the art-buying process easy and fun.”

Associate Curator Monty Preston took all of Evan’s must-haves and created bespoke collections of artwork for his consideration. “We developed a really cool rapport where she started to understand what I was looking for, and the types of pieces that really fit in my house, and then was able to present more of those options.” 

For Evan, the breadth and depth of Saatchi Art’s offerings is a significant plus. “One of the big differences between Saatchi Art and a traditional gallery is the diversity of art.” he says. At Saatchi Art, “you could find any style of art that you could think of and it’s all in one place. Whereas in a gallery, you’d have to go to multiple galleries to see different artists, and you might not see that many artists in a single day.” Another important differentiator for him? Saatchi Art’s augmented reality feature on its iOS App, which allows buyers to see how art actually looks in their space prior to buying. “You can just play with it for hours, and find artists, test different pieces, and try different colors and different pallets,” Evan explained. “I think that’s transformative.”

Making the Art Buying Process Easy and Fun

Monty was helpful to have on-hand as Evan explored his curated collection and experimented with the App. The art advisor often helped to identify additional works that fit his aesthetic and intellectual criteria as he considered his options and honed in on what he wanted. “It’s amazing what they can really find for you out there, and the number of different options. You might find styles you’ve never heard of or thought of, that you like,” he explained. “It just made the art-buying process easy and fun.”

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Art Inspired by Evan’s Collection

Like what you see? Our expert curators suggest works inspired by the art displayed in Evan’s home

Evan lives in Venice, California, and is the Founder and CEO of Mediakix, a leading influencer marketing agency. Follow him on Instagram here.