Discover Art Inspired by the World's Best Museums

A visit to the Louvre in Paris means a tour of masterful portraiture through the ages—from the Mona Lisa to the Grande Odalisque. Our curators round up some of the most museum-worthy takes on the human figure by a group of international emerging artists.

The Getty Museum in Los Angeles is home to a storied collection of international photography, which spans from the medium’s invention to the present day. Discover limited-edition photographs by some of our top artists from around the world.

The British Museum’s renowned collection of landscape demonstrates how the subject has dominated watercolors, drawings, and paintings for centuries. Today’s artists take a fresh approach to capturing the outside world that is equally inspiring.

A trip to New York isn’t complete until you’ve wandered through the Metropolitan Museum’s idyllic sculpture courts. In recent months, we’ve seen the market for the medium explode. Here are a group of ambitious artists making works that will be sure to transform your living space.

The Museum of Modern Art is home to the history of abstract painting—from Mondrian to Pollock. We highlight investment-worthy pieces of contemporary abstraction in this collection featuring some of our most acclaimed artists.

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