Support Our Artists in Ukraine

Art to Support the Relief Effort

Artist: Anastasia Balabina

Saatchi Art stands with our artist community in Ukraine. For much of 2022, the suspension of shipping and delivery services across Ukraine made it impossible for Saatchi Art to provide delivery of artworks originating there. To continue supporting our Ukraine-based artists, we leveraged our gallery to offer an impactful means for both our artists and collectors to help those in need.


Shop hundreds of prints by our Ukrainian artists.
In 2022 Saatchi Art donated 100% of profits from the sales directly to the artists.

Celebrating Our Ukrainian Artists

Vitalii Kotiash

I love making complex geometric designs that change viewers’ perceptions of lines and shapes.

Dimitri Bogachuk

I aim to capture an auroral stillness in my images that can be almost felt and heard.

Anastasia Balabina

I like to use symbols in my paintings to convey a meaning that is both beautiful and mysterious.

Ksenia Logvinenko

“Through depictions of nature and people, I hope to represent the beauty and hidden magic in the world around us.”

Petro Hrytsiuk

“I use unique combinations of form, color, line, and texture to posit new ideas and evoke emotions in a poetic, nonlinear fashion.”

Vasyl Kolodiy

“My works are an interpretation of the power, harmony, and energy of nature. I draw through the prism of meditation.”

Yaryna Movchan

“My circular works are reflections of contemporary life that draw on personal experiences, dreams, mythological narratives, and world religions.” 

Wind Blue 0912
Jessy Choz

Seeing Time 365
Michelle Louis

Iya #1
Luciano Cian

The Room No:65
Erna Ucar

The Power of Memory
Fares Micue

Back Glance
Theophilus Tetteh

Woman with the Leaves
Agata Wierzbicka

A Coherence
Alyson Khan