In April 2020, The Other Art Fair Online Studios launched with the ambition to continue to foster the growth of the artist and art-lovers community, in the absence of our live Fairs around the world. Since launching, the Studios have supported independent artists globally, connecting them with new customers, followers, and other fellow artists.

To celebrate this milestone, and to welcome a new digital chapter for The Other Art Fair as we head into 2021, we’re seeing out the year by showcasing some of our most popular artists. Spanning a huge array of disciplines, this talented bunch have been our 2020 best sellers. So, without further ado, here are our top artists (as shopped by you!) from each of our Online Studios…



Alejandro Áboli is a Spanish filmmaker and photographer, now based in New York City. Influenced by his artistic roots from his uncle and father-in-law, Alejandro Áboli developed an early passion for film and photography, combining his natural talent with an extensive education in the subject. He attended the Universidad Complutense de Madrid where he received his BA in Visual Arts. 

Áboli’s collection within the Online Studios is named The RedLine, which represents a significant transition from a photographer to a visual artist. Combining reality with fiction, Áboli reduces images to their simplest forms to capture the delicate relationship between real and imaginary worlds. 

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Nadia Attura is a fine artist based in London, UK. She creates photographed details made on location, which are then layered to form a tableau of collected scenes within a scene, to convey a sense of place and time. Often the original photograph disappears from documentary single imagery toward a more painterly, poetic, interpreted view of the world. Nadia achieves this by applying washes, paints, or chalk to the constructed images.

A favourite from both The Other Art Fair in London and more recently in Brooklyn, Nadia’s work features in prominent residential and public projects across the world.

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Magdalena Krzak is a Polish artist who lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. Her paintings present a unique combination of an abstract, with figurative forms and drawings. 

Her pieces are led by emotions and everyday observation. Images of women are subtle and feminine, her subjects are often nude and vulnerable. Created only with an outline, then filled with colours and texture, they blend with Magdalena’s backgrounds, yet speak to the viewer with power.

The combination of illustrative and abstract styles gives her work a dreamy quality and transports the observer into a whole other world.

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Taylor Smith is a mixed media artist based in Indianapolis, Indiana. She focuses on blending social awareness with science, mathematics, contemporary oil painting and artistic disciplines including silkscreen printing and analogue film photography.

Within her work, Smith seeks to combine abstraction and figuration with elements of science, traditional still life and portraiture. 

Her recent work explores the relationship between pop culture, luxury brands, political upheaval and crisis.

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Xan Padrón is a Galician photographer, musician and composer. The son of an old-school journalist, Xan Padrón grew up in an environment where he was used to being the silent observer who sees things quietly and finds stories everywhere.

As a former professional touring musician, traveling the world with his bass and his camera he was able to pursue his career as a photographer focused on the people around him.

Xan Padrón’s fascination with time and movement, coupled with an uncanny ability to disappear behind the lens, unnoticed by his subjects, brought him to the realization of how much life happens even at the most seemingly insignificant location of a city. 

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Bollee Patino is a contemporary mixed-media street artist with a fast-paced practice between hasty motifs and representation of abstract expressionism while fusing graffiti and street elements with more traditional techniques in his acrylic and spray-paint works.

His artwork contains layered metaphors of social views while flirting with identity subjects of ego and a sense of self, often pulling from his graffiti background with influences from underground fashion, skate, and hip-hop cultures.

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Segun is an artist born in Benin city, Nigeria. After a long sojourn in the science world, Segun gave into his passion and became a professional artist.

His approach is to embed deep messages into his work using metaphors and innuendos for the viewer to interpret. He varies his techniques to ensure an eclectic body of work that keeps him and his ‘restless spirit’ interested and inspired, and considers the most important aspect of his work to be the divine presence of God within each piece.

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Marianne Hendriks shares her wonderment of nature in a painting practice highly informed by her background in architecture and design.

With each distillation of a leaf into a simple abstraction, Marianne attempts to make sense of the world by categorically manipulating geometry and form.

Her oil paintings possess a rhythmic quality, created by the repetition of pattern and texture, and seek out balance between realism and highly stylised expression. 

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Jaime Dominguez is a minimalist artist based in Mexico, who is passionate about architecture, urbanism and everything related to design.

Geometry is a concept always present in Jaime’s work, featured alongside aesthetic elements from indigenous Mexican crafts.

The colour palette used throughout his art is also taken from indigenous art which, in most cases, uses the natural pigments from these communities and is applied to each piece.

In addition, Jaime takes inspiration from current colour trends across textile, furniture, automotive and interior design.

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Vahe Yeremyan is an Armenian artist based in Los Angeles, California.

His oil paintings portray the tranquility of nature, focusing on big skies, soothing landscapes, fruits and light-filled meadows.

Vahe holds a Master’s degree in Fine Art as well as a PhD in Fine Art Therapy, leading to a career as a Fine Art professor and mentor.

His way of embracing art as a therapeutic passion has inspired him to pass on his love of art and expression to his students.

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Sabina D’Antonio is a self-taught contemporary abstract artist based in Victoria, Australia.

Her passion for the coastal lifestyle on the Mornington Peninsula inspires a style of colourful, vibrant, and textured painting with a distinct distressed and weathered look.

Sabina uses expressionist layers of colour and strong brush strokes to create a blurred motion that is reminiscent of rolling waves or sand patterns on the beach, alongside textured patterns inspired by coastal structures.

Each piece is unique, resulting in a body of work evoking a passion for distressed and weathered surfaces, love of colour, and an overall passion for a coastal lifestyle.

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Lara Scolari is an Australian artist whose influences include major artistic figures such as Brett Whiteley, Helen Frankenthaler, John Olsen, Hans Hoffman and Mark Rothko.

Lara has developed her own distinct approach to the ‘abstract expressionist’ style where a variety of media, developed experimental techniques and processes are used to create depth through exquisite transparent layers that reveal hidden dioramas.

Featuring organic forms and fluid shapes her works are inspired by memory, meditation, music and the culture and essence of Australia.

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Elizabeth Langreiter’s unique mixed media aerial paintings provide the viewer with an escape from reality into a playful and joyful world.

Driven by a passion to create and to spread a bit more joy in the world, Elizabeth calls on her inner child to recreate happy memories of long carefree days growing up in beautiful sunny Australia swimming, sunbathing and enjoying the outdoors with family and friends.

Her art uses combinations of pattern, colour and interesting textures to prompt happy flashbacks to a favourite time or place.

Her most popular paintings are created with small 3D people who are hand-sculpted on the canvas with many layers of fine, intrinsic detail. 

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Sydney-based painter Nathan Paddison (aka who’s thisguy) uses experiences from his troubled past as inspiration for his colourful works.

His art features words that hold meaning for the viewer as part of the work itself, beyond how they are read, and are set within human forms, animals, or sculptural pieces featuring acrylic, charcoal, markers, ink, pastel and collage.

Nathan’s work has been popular with curators, collectors, and first-time buyers in 2020, a testament as to why he is one of The Other Art Fair Online Studios’ best sellers.

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Claire Desjardins is an award-winning Canadian artist living and working in Gore, Quebec.

Working primarily in painting, her formally-driven work focuses on gesture and colour, emphasising energetic, animated brush strokes and bold palettes.

Her work is both highly abstract and highly personal, a dynamic expression of sentiments or reactions of which she is consciously unaware.

She regularly exhibits her work in galleries and art fairs throughout North America. In addition, she frequently teaches painting workshops and has served as a jury member on several national art prizes.

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Born in Canada, artist Melisa Taylor explores the notion of the sublime through blur and precision in her work, using the natural world as a blueprint and sourcing ideas from historical art and contemporary culture.

She develops an aesthetic of duality by utilising a hybrid approach to art. Her studio practice is labour-intensive using commercial and electric tools to inject unpredictability into the painting gesture.

Embracing chance is a central idea in her work, equally so is meticulous control. This results in a subterranean tension that jeopardizes the ethereal appearance of her pieces; arbitrariness and mechanical execution fuse to create what she calls “systèmes faillibles” where spectral motifs seek to emerge out of obscuring lattices. 

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