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Detroit is bursting with diverse talent and creativity. The featured artists in our Detroit Spotlight reveal the range and depth of individuals who are putting this dynamic city on the map. From an architect, to an art student, to a self-taught artist, these are the Detroit names to know and follow. All from different backgrounds with unique practices, they share an appreciation for the artistic community in Detroit and an ambition to make changes to the art world and beyond. 

With interviews and new artists featured each week, we invite you to get to know the Game Changers, the Rule Breakers and the Innovators – the best emerging artists.

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Get to know the art world’s best emerging artists and what drives their process and inspiration.

"My work is comprised of drawings and oil paintings that explore the contemporary African-American experience through otherworldly portraits."

"Right now I am working on a series that captures my emotional state. I want people to understand what it is like to be a young male of colour in the times we are in."

"Currently I’ve been really into technology and artificial intelligence. I think it is going to be such a huge part of our culture and overall human experience in the future that I want to make work about it now."

Michael Polakowski

"My work features observations of my life in the Midwest through surreal and absurdist paintings. My visual language is a mashup of textures, lush patterns, and vibrant colors communicated through the medium of acrylic painting."

“The art scene in Detroit right now is pretty exciting to be around! There are a lot of talented people who are making a name for themselves on their own terms and putting out great work.”

Michael Polakowski, Detroit based artist and curator

A plethora of public art, a UNESCO City of Design, cool galleries, plenty of collectives and so many talented artists. Learn more about the Detroit  art scene from the artists who love it.   


"My paintings are intuitive. I don’t sketch and I’m always working on more than one. Typically they are fueled by intense feelings of anguish or elation. I value trusting myself enough to not plan a painting – but to dance between following and leading a painting"


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