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The Online Studios allows you to find out more about the artists’ practice, their inspiration, browse price-based and themed collections, and buy from them directly, wherever you are in the world. Discover the artists who joined us at The Other Art Fair, Melbourne. 

Bold and Bright

Women to Watch

Digital Art

Trudi Hipworth

Trudi Hipworth is a self taught artist from Melbourne. From a young age she was always drawing, surrounded by a family of artists. For Trudi, painting is a meditative process whereby nature, art and healing connect.

Trudi is known for her use of vibrant colours and organic textures. Layers are built up using impasto, acrylic paint and natural sponges – traditional painting tools are rarely used. Through this approach, Trudi explores colour relationships through a chanced harmony which is achieved intuitively. 

Natural Beauty


New Beginnings 


Don’t let Post-Fair blues get you!  You can still purchase works from our amazing Melbourne Fair artists all your around — here’s a few things still available that you might like… or love!

Claire Mooney



‘Allo #1

Kerry Inkster

Cause I Am Superwoman, Yes I Am

Tarisse King

Gurindji Painting 



Jessi Wong

Across The Universe X Collage

Rose Marshall

Blueberry Smoothie

Tashi Taten

Wizened Wood

Noah Spivak

Only Us (Even Cupids Make Mistakes)

It’s not just about the art, it’s also about the artists — read more about filmmaker, photographer, and installation artist Liberté Grace, and how her work imagines new futures.

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