Sourcing Vintage & Found Art

The Art of the Past

When history meets design, Saatchi Art’s art advisors have found that art serves as a compelling narrator. The recent trend of infusing vintage and found items into hospitality spaces adds a new dimension to storytelling, creating an evocative blend of contemporary aesthetics with the charm of the past.

Vintage Revival

An enchanting embodiment of this style can be found in Nantucket at the Blue Iris by Life House hotels. The Greek Revival vacation estate once served as a sanctuary for an avid art collector, fostering creativity and community. Today, it continues to reverberate with echoes of its rich artistic legacy, interspersed with rustic Mediterranean design elements and nods to Portuguese art. This dialogue between the past and the future served as inspiration for our advisors when enlisted by Life House’s design team to source art for the property’s guest rooms and public spaces.

Here, our Hospitality Art Advisor Connie Kim unearthed relics of the past—from antique dinner plates to archival Greek imagery—creating an eclectic and whimsical collection and delivering on the hotel’s creative vision. The vintage accessories are steeped in stories of bygone years, melding old-world charm and modern flair, introducing nostalgia while keeping one foot firmly in the present.

Reclaimed & Repurposed

An equally compelling use of reclaimed and repurposed materials is creatively showcased at the Grand Adirondack Hotel. Situated amidst the pristine beauty of Lake Placid, the hotel is a retreat for outdoor enthusiasts and wellness-seekers alike.
The remit to Saatchi Art Senior Art Advisor Tara LaManna by the Marriott property and Post Company design firm was to exemplify the rugged charm and natural wonder of the locale in its guestrooms and public areas. Tara set out to curate a bespoke collection of vintage art, alongside a handful of originals from Saatchi Art artists, that encapsulated the ethos of the Grand Adirondack—a space where a love of adventure does not stop at the door. With traditional oil landscapes, archival photography, and retro prints, our expert succeeded in creating a visual narrative that aligns with the warm, inviting ambiance found in each room.
As we navigate through evolving trends in the hospitality industry, the significance of art remains constant. Thoughtfully sourced and curated art collections serve as conduits for an unforgettable guest experience. In the case of the fusion of vintage and reclaimed art within contemporary spaces, they offer a captivating bridge between the past and present. When each piece has a backstory, character and authenticity are brought to the forefront.

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