The Manchester

Photography by Matt Kisiday
The birthplace of bourbon, the heart of the Bluegrass region, and the home of the most prestigious horse race—Kentucky’s storied legacy provides endless cues for soulful design. Erected on the grounds of the first registered distillery in Lexington, a luxury hotel, The Manchester stands as a tribute to the region’s past and modern elegance.
Photography by Matt Kisiday
From its dramatic archways to red brick and wood-paneled walls, heritage is found in nearly every detail.

Collaborating with the award-winning interior designer Jenny Bukovec, our Hospitality Art Advisors played a key role in crafting the retro-inspired art collection that adorns its 125 luxury suites, a collection that enhances the aesthetic charm of The Manchester and serves as an ode to the dynamic spirit of the area’s historical and contemporary culture.
Photography by Matt Kisiday

“Each artwork was carefully selected to celebrate the rich history of the local community, from a yellow canary bird associated with mining to drying tobacco leaves reflecting the vast farmland.”

Guiest Room_1_manchester
Photography by Matt Kisiday
Art advisor Connie Kim assisted in the curation of an eclectic mix of imagery and custom framing to tie into the guest rooms’ “warm and woody” ambiance. With an eclectic mix of mats and finishes, the collection has an organic charm, as if each piece were amassed over time. Gold and amber-colored frames and antiquated gold and brass detailings evoke the rich patina of aged bourbon barrels. Behind their glass are black-and-white archival images of the equine and intimate portraits of jazz musicians—stories of the local communities who built the region.
As guests unwind, they’re invited into the sweet, simple comforts of the hotel’s rural backyard through Saatchi Art artist Kelly Nicolaisen’s pastoral landscape, Roll in the Hay, completing a sensorial experience through art, history, and spirit of Bluegrass state.

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