View Art In Your Home Before You Buy

Eager to know how an artwork will look in your home before buying it? Saatchi Art’s iOS app makes it easy with augmented reality. Virtually “hang” art on your own wall using the View In a Room feature. Try out a big statement piece, or experiment with a group of works to see what looks best in your space.

If you’re still looking for that perfect artwork, let us help. Start with a blank wall, enter approximate dimensions for the artwork you are looking for, and we’ll give you personal recommendations suited to your unique space. Don’t forget to take a screenshot and share your virtual art wall with friends and family. 

Saatchi Art makes it easy to preview artwork in your room using our augmented reality feature.

Art lovers now have an effective tool for envisioning artwork in their space before they buy.

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With the View in a Room feature, you can see the depth of the artwork, dimension, and perspective in a 3D space, giving a realistic preview of what a work will look like on your wall in just three simple steps.

By pairing the new augmented reality feature with one-on-one access to a world-class art advisory team, Saatchi Art makes art buying an easy and enjoyable experience.

Saatchi Art Curators use the App's View in a Room tool to advise their clients

Take advantage of our new feature by testing it out yourself. We’ve put together a collection of works that work great for rooms of all sizes. Download the Saatchi Art iOS app today and preview original artwork in the comfort of your own space.

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